Truck Cranes

There are many reasons why a company might need a crane installed on one or more of their vehicle. While lifting loads on and off their vehicles is the obvious reason, we can offer a crane selection that covers a wide range of lifting capacities. We have a small crane that can lift one tonne that is the perfect addition to one of our Ute bodies to help with smaller items such as car engines.

Distance in No Object

While many vehicle mounted cranes are severely limited in their ability to handle a load and at the same time stretch out and cover much in the way of distance. We know that most of our customers need a crane that is not going to create a situation where they are not going to be able reach the item they need to pick up or cannot handle the weight when fully extended. Not only do we have models that can lift from 1 to 92 tonnes, we have models that offer reaches between 2 and over 30 meters and that still maintain full lifting capacity.

We Offer the Complete HIAB Collection of Lifting Equipment

In order to ensure that we have the right crane for your needs we carry the entire HIAB crane collection. Using our XS concept system, you can detail the specifics of the crane in accordance with your exact needs. Once our sales team understands exactly what your new crane needs to do, we can start looking at what is available and then help you to choose the best crane to meet your needs before we install the units you have chosen on your trucks.

We Provide Onsite Service for Truck Cranes

While you may have come directly to our workshop to have your crane installed, this does not mean you should have to come back each time you need service work done. We have trained technicians who can come to your location and handle most common repairs. Should your crane break down on a job site, our techs can go directly to the job site and perform the necessary repairs to get your crane running again so that you can get on with the job. So no matter where you are, Orange, Dubbo, Canberra, Tamworth or anywhere in between. We have your crane servicing and repairs covered!

We Chose the HIAB Crane Collection for a Reason

While we have access to many different crane manufacturers, we have chosen HIAB as our supplier for a number of reasons. The most important of which is that each crane in the collection is built with extreme attention to quality. This means that when we sell a crane we know they are going to enjoy many years of flawless operation, something that is priceless, not matter what the cost.

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