Truck Bodies NSW

We Provide Job Tough Truck Bodies in NSW

Almighty Industries supplies truck bodies to a range of clients from Orange to Tamoworth, Dubbo to Canberra and everywhere in between. When you use your truck for serious haulage such as construction materials to and from the job site, you need a body that is going to stand up to the abuse. No matter what size your truck happens to be, Almighty Industries has a body to suit! Ranging from our ute bodies, made to provide you with plenty of room to carry your tools and equipment from one job site the next safely, to our 8-12 tonne Almighty Tipper made to transport your heaviest loads. Almighty Industries 

Our Truck Bodies  Are Built to Last

We know that when you set out to buy a new truck body, you want one that has been made tough enough to handle anything and everything your crew can throw at it. In fact we know you want your new body to be tough enough to outlast the trucks that you plan to install them on. For this reason we use nothing less than premium quality products throughout each body. The use of anything less would leave our customers with second class products, we believe we build the best body truck bodies and will settle for nothing less than the best materials.

Our Tippers Are Loaded with Features

One of the reasons our truck bodies are so popular with haulage companies is that we offer a range of side and tailgate options to choose from. The most common body design features split drop sides with a removable centre post on both sides of the body. These combined with the two way tailgate make unloading at your job site far easier than ever before. When you need a versatile and highly functional body design for your trucks, we have what you need.

We Protect Each Body Against the Elements

We know you use your trucks in every imaginable weather condition and under some of the roughest conditions imaginable. When we build truck bodies we add a tough and very durable finish from DuPont as the finishing touch. Their 2Pak industrial paint has been designed to keep your truck looking as good as possible for a very long time. While we do realize that it is not just the weather causing damage to the finish, we chose this particular finish for it inner strength and outer beauty.

Our Truck Bodies Feature PZB Hydraulics

If you are going to invest in a new truck body, you need hydraulics that you can count on to not let you down when you have a heavy load. Because of this we equip every one of our Tippers with the latest hydraulics from PZB, one of the most respected names in hydraulics in Australia. We can provide you a Tipper bodies designed to handle from 1-30 tonnes based on your needs.

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