Truck Bodies

We Are the Number One Supplier of Truck Bodies

When the time comes to look for a new truck body to replace your ageing one, your first thought may be cost. While there is nothing wrong with trying to keep your costs under control, we believe that our customers deserve the best possible quality at an affordable price. While we are not the most expensive truck body builder, we take great pride in delivering a full range of products and services to our customers no matter what size body they need or how many are needed. No matter where you are, Orange or Tamworth, Canberra or Dubbo or anywhere in between. We have the truck bodies that can cater to your specific needs.

We Custom Build Truck Bodies for Fleet Owners

One problem that seems to pervade the truck body industry is the number of companies that offer off the shelf solutions. While buying a truck body in this manner might in fact work for a number of applications, it certainly will not work for everyone. At Almighty Industries we do have a number of  standard truck body designs to choose from, we also offer complete custom manufacturing services designed to help you get the exact body design you need for each vehicle in your fleet.

Each Truck Body Is Built to Last

We know that since we build commercial truck bodies for construction companies that we have to build them to last. Each body is built from the finest steel and aluminium available. We have found that while we could build our body units from thinner gauges to save money, they simply would not hold up. With the concerns of our customers foremost in our minds, we use the most appropriate materials in every body unit we build so that we know they will hold up under an amazing amount of abuse.

We Create an Amazing Array of Truck Bodies

While many recognise us for our Tipping Body units for trucks, this is only one part of our overall body building business. We have an incredibly diverse customer base and they have an even more diverse range of needs when it comes to choosing the right body for their trucks. From Tippers to Tilt Trays and fully enclosed units for all size of trucks, we can hand build the right body for practically any application.

Our Hand Made Body Units Make the Difference

We know that very few of our customers can use an off the shelf body unit for their fleet. At the same time, we do offer ready to go body units for many common applications. In the end it is up to our clients to decide which option makes the best choice. We are always willing to create the exact body style you need from scratch or take one of our existing units and modify it to meet your needs. No matter what type of body unit you need for your fleet, we can custom build it for you.

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