Tipping Bodies

While there are a number of uses for trucks with a stationary body, most companies find that a body that tips so that they can dump a load are far more versatile. Whether you are working in the mines around the Tamworth region or involved in the booming construction industry in Dubbo or Canberra, our Tipping bodies are strong enough to handle the load. We have provided hundreds of our Tipping truck body units to the mines around Orange and Western NSW as they offer exactly what those who work in the mining industry need. This is a truck body that is strong and durable while at the same time can easily be tipped up to allow the driver to quickly dump his load and get out the way for the next driver to do the same, all with a minimum of fuss.

We Offer Premium Quality Tipping Bodies

We have Tippers for loads as small as one tonne and as large as thirty tonnes. The good news is that since we never use anything but PZB hydraulics for all our Tippers, you never have to worry about poor or rough operation. PZB Hydraulics are rated among the best in the world we believe that if we are going to build the best truck body units, we have to start out by using the best parts.

Our Tipping Bodies in Have Safety Built In

Safety is our number one concern, a fact that shows with every one of our Tipper bodies we manufacture. We provide a single operator safety prop with each unit and a fully sheeted headboard to ensure that even if a load shifts, the driver is properly protected at all times. Our custom built heavy duty slam latches ensure that once the tailgate and dropsides are closed and latched, you don't have to worry about a shifting load causing any of them to burst open and spill the load.

We Etch Prime  All Tippers

Given the rough environment that the vast majority of our tipping bodies are going to experience over the course of their working lifespan, we do our utmost to protect each Tipper. We start by using an etched primer that provides a much stronger bond to the metal than a simple spray on primer. This is followed by multiple coats of DuPont 2Pak industrial paint finish in the colour of your choice. Our goal is to provide each customer with a truck body that is going to provide them with many years of reliable service.

We have been providing Tipper units to the major mining companies in Western NSW for a number of years, making them the perfect testing ground for our products. We take great pride in providing the finest Tipping body units in NSW. Dubbo to Canberra, Orange to Tamworth we have your tipping truck body needs sorted!

Contact us today for an estimate and let us show you the different bodies we have available.

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