Mining Vehicles

We Can Help Equip Your Mining Vehicles

The safety regulations governing any vehicle that is to be used in a mine environment in NSW are extremely strict and heavily enforced by the appropriate government agency. Any operator who is caught operating a vehicle in the NSW mines that does not measure up to these safety standards risks being substantially fined and may even face having the license to operate suspended. At Almighty Industries we are well aware of not only the penalties, but of the laws and what is required for a vehicle to meet all of the necessary standards.

We Understand Your Needs Regarding Mining Vehicles

The mining industry not only provides a huge source of employment for the entire area, but also a major safety risk. If your trucks have not been fully fitted out to run in the mines, driving into a mine just once could result in a disaster of epic proportions. Fire is always a major issue in mines. But as long as we have installed the required fire suppression system in each vehicle you plan to operate in the mine, and make the appropriate fuel system modifications, this will all but eliminate any real risk. Even if your vehicle should catch on fire the suppression system and on board fire extinguisher should knock it out fast.

It Is Important That You Are Seen

With so many trucks and pieces of heavy equipment moving around, it is vital that not only can you see both in the daylight and at night, but that you can be seen. We start out by equipping all mining vehicles for mining with a full set of rotating beacons and strobes as required by law. We then install a headlight on system that ensures each truck's headlights are always on. While this is no guarantee that someone is not going to say they didn't see your vehicle, it definitely helps to reduce the risk of a nasty accident.

We Ensure Each Vehicle Is in Full Compliance

Our specialists are here to help ensure that each of them is in full MDG 15 compliance. While many companies try to skirt the laws or get by on the bare minimum, our job is to make sure each vehicle in your fleet remains in full compliance at all time. When we are finished making the necessary modifications, your fleet will be able to pass any inspection with flying colours.

Whether your working in the mines surrounding Orange, Dubbo, Canberra or Tamworth, we have all your needs covered! From protective roof bars to handrails, we can take care of the entire project from stem to stern ensuring not only the safety of your drivers, but of everyone who must work in the same environment as your trucks. We will even equip each vehicle with a two way radio that is tuned into the appropriate frequency allowing your drivers to communicate with the rest of the crew working in the mine.

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