Hydraulic Services

We Provide a Full Range of Hydraulic Services

We know you count on the hydraulics systems on your trucks to get the job done on a daily basis. From dump boxes to cranes, these systems operate hundreds of times a day for the average company. When there is a problem, work can come to a crashing halt until repairs can be made. Our customers can count on us to provide them with the repair service they need, when they need them. Our service staff can handle any and all repairs in our shop to help keep your fleet up and running with a minimal amount of wait time based on our daily workload. We service Dubbo to Tamworth, Dubbo to Canberra and everywhere in between!

We Use Top Quality Parts for Our Hydraulic Services

Your equipment gets used hard on a daily basis and this means everything from the machined parts to the hoses and seals see extremely hard service. In order to help ensure that you get maximum use out of your hydraulics, we use hose assemblies made by Hydraulink, a world leader in the manufacture of high pressure hoses for hydraulics. These hoses are tested to meet standards such as DIN and SAE, the standards and testing processes developed by the EU that are also being used in Australia.

We Provide Full Hydraulics Repairs

No matter what type of problems you are having with the hydraulics on your equipment, we have technicians on our staff that can handle the repairs. From blown seals to broken hoses, we can take on the simplest and the most complicated of repairs. While your hydraulics are built to provide you with years of service, working conditions often play a large role in how long certain parts are going to last. Dust and dirt such as are a part of everyday life in the mining industry are the most significant causes of damage.

When dirt and dust build up on the shafts, they wear the seals like sandpaper and cause them to leak, but luck for you we carry the largest selection of seals and replacement rams in the area. No matter where you are, be it Dubbo, Canberra, Orange, Tamworth or anywhere in between we can come to you. Our only goal is to make sure that we can get your equipment back up and running in the shortest time possible, so that you can get back to business.

Contact us first when you need top quality hydraulics repair service.

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