We Install Cranes Made By HIAB

When our customer comes to us for a vehicle mounted crane, we know that they want a crane they can count on to get the job done not once, but time after time, year after year. This is the reason why we have chosen to install vehicle mounted cranes made by HIAB. With more than 60 different models of crane to choose from, we can equip virtually any vehicle with a crane that is perfectly suited to their needs. We service Dubbo to Canberra, Orange to Tamworth and everywhere in between.

Our Choice of HIAB Is Popular

While there are many other manufacturers of truck cranes, our customers tell us that our choice of this particular brand offers them equipment that does far more than any other brand on the market. Whether they are buying a truck mounted crane to help them unload construction materials or are delivering heavy pieces of mining equipment, these cranes can handle the load with lifting power to spare. Each crane is built to the strictest quality standards and meets the very latest standards established including international ISO 9001, EN 12999 and EN 13001.

Load Capacity Is an Important Consideration

When it comes to choosing the right crane, load capacity and reach are of prime concern. We choose to present our customers with HIAB because these crane can lift from 1 to 30 tonnes or more. They also offer extendable booms that can extend past the 25 meter mark.

Safety Is More than Just a Standard

One of the most important reasons we offer cranes by HIAB is the company's unbeatable commitment to safety. With HIAB safety is about more than simply meeting international standards. Every one of their cranes is loaded with the latest safety features designed to protect both the operator and anyone in the vicinity. Each crane undergoes a rigorous testing process before it is shipped to us in Orange for installation and we follow this up with even more testing once the crane has been installed.

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